The Value of Landlord Insurance

The Value of Landlord Insurance

There is an insurance designed to protect the owners of rental properties. It will cover homes, condos as well as apartments and more. This insurance is designed to protect the property owner from any damage associated with their rental property. This includes damage from fire, severe weather, criminal activity as well as damage from tenants and more. It is known as landlord insurance. This insurance is designed to help a landlord if their rental units are not able to be used and more.

Income Loss
Landlord Insurance by Youi makes good business sense for anyone who owns rental properties. The rents collected are a source of income, and if something occurs that causes an interruption in that income, it is important to have insurance to maintain the ability to rent properties. This insurance will also protect an owner from damage and liability issues associated with the rental property. This insurance may even cover the repairs on the rental property or the replacement of the structure.

Optional Coverage
When purchasing landlord insurance, it’s important to know about the optional coverage options available and see if they are important for a rental property situation. It is possible to have contents insurance to cover a landlord’s personal items being used to furnish a rental property. This included carpets, furniture and more. Should a rental property owner have employees, they may want to consider employer liability insurance. This will cover expenses that have to be paid to a worker because of illness or injury not covered by workman’s compensation insurance. Rent guarantee insurance will help a landlord with recovering past due rents or evicting a non-paying tenant and more.

landlord insurance

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of landlord insurance. The geographic location of the rental property, as well as any history of risk for an area, will be taken into consideration. The presence of burglar alarms on the property as well as if it’s located in a gated community. Premium costs will also be influenced by the number of rental units involved, the age and condition of the building, if the electrical wiring up to code, if smokers are permitted to rent the property as well as if a swimming pool is involved with the rental property and more.

Not Required By Law
There are no laws that require a landlord to have landlord insurance. People in the property rental industry believe it is the smart thing to do when renting properties. It is very important to have this type of insurance and especially if a landlord lives at the property they are renting. Experts recommend a person purchase landlord insurance even if they are only renting out their property on a temporary basis. It is not wise in such a situation to depend on a homeowner’s policy. It is possible this policy won’t pay liability claims and other things.

Tax Deductible
The premiums paid for landlord insurance are tax deductible. This is because being a landlord is considered a business venture. Landlord insurance is classified as a cost associated with doing business.

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